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I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my online Portfolio.

I am an Industrial Engineer from Colombia and I am residing within the amazing and a beautiful country of Australia. I have decided to create this Portfolio in order to share my passion and skills of computer programming, as well as provide you with an insight into my capabilities and work history. I hope this will provide you with an understanding of my expertise, and ability to develop solutions for your business.

Some of the solutions that I have designed include: Software design (visual studio) and development with database and web design and development with Joomla, some of these solutions have been used in the tourism industry or for personal/general businesses.

These are 2 examples of applications developed in .NET. The first one, is an extremely simple connection to a database and the second is more complex.

The first one is a simple form in visual studio with a connection to a database. The database which I have used is SQLite. I would like to leave a simplistic example because of the importance SQLite has, as well as its portability (it does not need to be installed like MS Access, MySQL, etc).

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On the other hand this second example is more complex, which I did using MS Access. MS Access was chosen as my employer did not allow me to install MySQL. In this example, the interface interacts with the database, MS Excel and MS Outlook in order to create a pdf file to send to a user. We use this application as part of a booking package for the company (between March-November), facilitating the interaction between all required components of the package (transport company, and guest).

These are 3 examples of VBA that I have developed and used in different applications. The first 2 codes generates Portable Document Format files (PDF) and the last one it is used to find a specific word in excel.

PDF Macro1: export the whole active sheet in PDF; you just need to select a destination. VBA for excel

PDF Macro2: After selecting a destination and a range, you will be able to save it in PDF format. VBA for excel

You can also download the files here:

I have several years of experience in web design; from flash to PHP and Joomla, to personal and business websites. With each of them I have worked with a strong commitment to the w3c standards.

Initially, after a couple of experiments learning HTML, I decided to go into PHP in order to make the websites more dynamic. I also built a CMS in PHP and MySQL, however, after a few years of experimenting with different products in the market I started to select Joomla as my CMS.

I have some experience developing modules and templates. The services link of this website is an actual module that I developed to display some of the services that I can offer to my clients.

Once download and installed in your Joomla site, this module will allow you to display any selected table in your Joomla site, after selecting in a custom parameter that I have developed.

Some other modules that I have developed:

This is a simple but handy joomla template, and is 100% responsive. It is design using Bootstrap toolkit. You can get more information about this template (positions,layout) in Free Joomla Template article.


There are different languages that can be used to create a website; unfortunately all of the options will have their own pros and cons.

After many years of experimenting with some of them (despite my experience in .net I have never worked with ASP) and even developing my own CMS I realised that it is very hard to follow the steps of giant CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. That is why I started experimenting with them, finding Joomla the one that best suits my skills to create and develop applications.

You will find out that Joomla can easily evolve into very functional sites, this is because there are thousands of applications that can be installed (some commercial and some non-commercial). 

In the past few years I have developed different websites with PHP; from shopping carts to content management systems.

Under Construction.

Under Construction.

Under Construction.

Good service!

I promise a professional, and a quick response time, for the services that I provide.

Need advice?

Even if you already have a website, but you need help, I can provide you with free advice. Just contact me with your questions

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