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Bootstrap Carousel

This module was made to facilitate the implementation of Twitter Bootstrap into Joomla. You just need to select the folder that contains the images to display in the carousel.
Make sure images have the same height!

Joomla Bootstrap Image Gallery
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  • Escrever aqui... ;) :D

  • Guest (Peter)



    is there any possibility to see module in live? ...Original carousel is going smaller, when you have smaller windows (rest of carousel keep size) ...I am looking for this possibility to change size with window. I am able to use original carousel from bootstrap, but I can not "learn" him to take pictures from folder automatically... that is why I am interesting in your module, by explanation looks exactly what I need. Thanks in advance for answer PeterB

  • Guest (Peter)

    In reply to: Peter Permalink

    ...so is working, there is just one problem auto-start of turning, ...when I load page carousel stay, I need move to left or right and than after some time carousel start turning and than is normal, where can be problem please?

  • Hey peter, thanks for using the module,
    does it works once you click on the arrow?
    does the images slides once is clicked?

  • Guest (Nate)


    Um... There is no demo on this demo page, just a download link. Just letting you know.

  • hey thanks, I just add a simple one :)

  • Guest (diego)


    Tengo un modulo funcionando, la verdad es genial, pero al poner otra vez el modulo con otro nombre y otro directorio me da este error:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare display() (previously declared in /home/diegogle/public_html/modules/mod_bootstrap_carousel/tmpl/default.php:69) in /home/diegogle/public_html/modules/mod_bootstrap_carousel/tmpl/default.php on line 69

    que podra ser?

  • Saludos Diego, gracias por probar el modulo, desafortunadamente soy conciente de esa limitacion, tu puedes usar el modulo en diferentes paginas pero similar a la galeria (el otro modulo que puedes encontrar en mis projectos) si hay mas de un modulo en el mismo articulo, el codigo deja de funcionar, en mis tiempos libres estoy trabajando en una version que contiene mas opciones como animaciones y velocidad, voy a tener en cuenta esta limitacion

  • Awesome extension! This was exactly what I was looking for, but I am trying to make one small modification.

    Currently the carousel starts rotating after the slider is clicked, I'm trying to get it to start immediately after the page loads.

    I added the code below to the head with no success.

    <script type="text/javascript">
      $(document).ready(function() {
          interval: 2000

    Is there an easy way change this that I'm over looking?

  • Guest (IronBone)


    Unfortunately it does not work well in my joomla 3.3.1
    I can see only the odd pictures but not the even once.

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